Why Invest in Emerging Markets Technology?

Access the world and the future all at once.

Emerging markets are home to 85% of the world’s people, and 90% of the global population under the age of 30. These young consumers are apt to embrace new technologies and have an appetite for modernization.


Capture exposure to technology as it expands.

Only 45% of people in Emerging Markets own smartphones, as compared to 77% of people in advanced economies. These phones are bringing first-time Internet access to billions of new consumers, transforming lives and economies at velocity.

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Invest in economy-defining innovation.

Unencumbered by traditional retail infrastructure, technology companies in the developing world are allowing entire economies to leapfrog traditional brick-and-mortar consumption.



Investors can tailor their exposure to what McKinsey calls the “biggest growth opportunity in the history of capitalism" through three different EMQQ Global investment strategies. 

We provide investors exposure to the rise of the smartphone-enabled emerging markets consumer. Our strategies capture the Great Confluence of 3 megatrends occurring in emerging markets across the globe:

1. a swelling middle class producing 6 billion new consumers,

2. first-ever access to smartphones,
3. first-ever access to internet via mobile.

Emerging Markets Investment Strategies

  • The India Internet & Ecommerce Index (ticker: INQQ)
  • The Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce Index (ticker: EMQQ)
  • The Next Frontier Internet & Ecommerce Index (ticker: FMQQ - excludes China)
EMQQ Global’s indexes track publicly traded internet and ecommerce companies operating in 50+ countries including India, China, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, Egypt, Mexico, Vietnam, and Turkey. They help investors access the opportunities driven by the digital consumer revolution in the markets through ETFs listed on stock exchanges in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.